Hair Loss and It’s Potential Treatments

An urban myth says that mostly men experience hair loss. And that not that many women have similar problems with hair thinning or hair loss. Neither of them stories is actually true. Latest studies show that 60% (yes, sixty!) of ladies experience some kind of a hair loss or hair thinning during their lifetime. What makes this such a big problem for ladies compared to men are that women’s beauty has always been closely tied to their beautiful hair as well as looks.

So hair loss for women is something what can affect them deeply.  It is estimated that there are about 100.000 hair in one’s head and about 100-150 hair fall out from humans head every day. Hair thinning can be clearly seen once hair has been falling out and no new hair is growing back. Later it can turn into baldness which is very frustrating for so many of us. Scientists aren’t still exactly sure why hair loss occurs and what starts the hair falling out but we do know diet, aging and genetic predisposition can be closely related.

Fortunately there are natural, effective ways to cure the hair thinning and avoid hair loss – all in natural and healthy way. None of the hair growth products have immediate effects but you will see the change and improvement over time.  One of the very important things not to forget is that you keep your healthy, balanced diet. Your body needs proteins.

I’m trying to give you a quick overview of couple of the techniques you can try in order to improve the hair growth and avoid hair falling out:

There are three types of oil you could buy and massage you scalp using them: olive oil, wheat sprout and castor oil. Massage your head with one of these oils for 3 days in a row, each day different oil.  Make sure you warm the oil up before the massage and after you have finished leave a nice and warm towel on your head for 30 minutes or so. Massaging your scalp and keeping the warm towel on your head will improve the blood flow to the head and hopefully will improve the hair follicles.

Eat biotin rich food – walnuts, brown rice, green peas and seeds are all biotin rich and will help to improve your hair growth.

Protein – Eat eggs, milk, and soy and so on to improve the hair follicles even further. Proteins are very important in your everyday diet.

Avoid using chemical materials. So do not use any of the advertised hair colours as they will damage your hair even further!

I read a review on about a new hair regrowth product called Har Vokse. If you already have tried these methods described above but have had little or no improvement at all then you could try Har Vokse Hair Growth Products. Here’s a small review of Har Vokse:

The first stage is concerned with hair protection and hair fall prevention with the help of Hår Vokse Hair Re-Growth Spray. In layman terms, the spray is preparatory in nature as it conditions the scalp for uninhibited, healthy hair re-growth and cures inflammation.
Its function is simple: make the scalp healthy and strong again. This is the little secret behind Hår Vokse’s effectiveness: targeting scalp problems, instead of just focusing on hair re-growth like most other products do, helps the body prepare the scalp for receiving the strengthening ingredients of Hår Vokse supplement by keeping it inflammation free. This is the basic ‘mantra’ that most other products ignore and therefore, they cannot provide a stable base for further treatment.


The second stage is when the actual re-growth really happens. The Hår Vokse Hair Re-Growth Supplement consists of a powerful natural marine protein complex which stimulates hair growth and restoration by providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair and prevents thinning. The supplement serves a complementary function; it fortifies the work done by the Hår Vokse spray by minimizing hair loss and encourages growth of permanent thick and healthy hair.
The special ingredients within the Har Vokse Supplement include but are not limited to:

  • Proteoglycans – A unique marine protein complex which boosts hair follicle activity and healthy cell production within the scalp.
  • Amino Acids – The basic building blocks of everything in our body and in this context, they protect and enhance hair growth.
  • Zinc Gluconate – This serves a preventative role and stops hair fall and simultaneously accelerates lustrous hair growth.
  • Grape seed extracts – This natural, herbal ingredient is perfect for hair cell protection. It speeds up the recovery of damaged hair follicles and prevents further cell damage.
  • Vitamin B complex – These vitamins are essential for improving the health of your hair, nails and skin.


So here you go. I have had no experience with any of the hair regrowth product and supplements so we should all take them with a pinch of salt. Although they claim people have had fantastic results with the product so I guess if you are really desperate you can always have a go with them.


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