Use of Vitamin E, and Potassium Amino Benzoate in Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Peyronies disease curvaturePeyronie’s disease is a common penile disorder that is characterized by the chronic inflammation of the tunica albuginea. This article will cover the use of potassium amino benzoate and vitamin E in the Peyronie’s disease treatment. Both of these medications are used orally, and showing some results lately. However, there is no true clinical picture of disease is known for both medications with the help of proper systemic clinical trials.

By nature, Vitamin E is an antioxidant. The use of this vitamin E is very popular in the acute Peyronie’s disease treatment. During the 1948, some studies show that the use of vitamin E orally significantly reduce the plaque size and the degree of penile curvature. However, placebo controls are not used in these studies. Later on few studies with the help of placebo control are also done. However, the results of these studies are not quite matching with the previous one, as a vitamin E using group is not showing better results than the placebo that makes the use of vitamin E as authentic medicine questionable. Still, people are getting results from the use of this vitamin E in the Peyronie’s disease treatment. The positive points of this treatment are that it is cheaper and also have minimum possible side effects.

Potaba that also known as Potassium amino benzoate is a B-complex substance and being used as the Peyronie’s disease treatment especially in the Central Europe. This method of treatment shows some result when it is exposed to trial along with a placebo. However, the result of the treatment is not an idea or extraordinary, as it only shows in the decrease in the size of plaques, not the curvature of the penis.

Few negative aspects of this treatment are also there. The first negative point is the expensive nature of this treatment. You have to take around 24 pills a day, and the treatment duration may extend from three to six months. This not only make it expensive, but a laborious way of treatment. Moreover, it also shows some side effects, and most important side effect of this condition is the upset of the stomach. This upsetting of stomach might need to stop the medication for a while and in some conditions people have to quit this treatment entirely.

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